Vision Statement for GOT AURA LLC

In April 2014, we celebrated our 5th Anniversary of having
a physical location for GOT AURA and 6 years in Castro Valley.
I founded Got Aura in 2007 after nearly 20 years of searching,
training, self-discovery, self-transformation, miracles and
teaching. Within it, I offer a fun and safe, grounded sanctuary
for your own spiritual self-exploration, focusing on psychic
wellness in everyday life.

I offer free Spiritual Healing Clinics and various types of Spiritual Counseling for both Men and Women.

Spiritual Training
6-Week Psychic Development Classes in Meditation
& Spiritual Healing
6-Week Women's Spiritual Healing Classes
12-Month Clairvoyant Training Programs
14-Month 'Hands-on Spiritual Healing' Training
12-Month Graduate Teaching Programs
12-Month Graduate Director's Programs

And a variety of other types of Workshops & Clinics

~ ~ ~

Aura Photos

An aura photo is a tool, which reveals
the electromagnetic energy field in and around
the body and chakras.

This is often what a Clairvoyant sees.
Everything is energy and everyone is psychic.
Most people already know this.

If you would like to explore who you are and learn how to operate
your spiritual body within your physical body, please contact me,
or drop into a free clinic.

There is so much more to share.

This is not academic training … you will not learn 'about'
something, you will learn 'how' to do something.

Also, there is no on-line training - it's all person-to-person,
spirit-to-spirit training.

To learn more about yourself as spirit,
please feel free to contact me.

In spirit,
Rev. Sharon Cozzette, Founder and Owner, GOT AURA LLC

19654 Parsons Ave., Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 828-0950 -