The Aura

Everything in the Universe is energy.
Did you know that you are a magnificent being of light...
living in, and expressing yourself through
your earthbound physical body?

The Human Aura is an energy field
flowing around the body
generated from energy centers (chakra)
within the body
(usually not visible to the naked eye).

Many individuals and faiths refer to the aura as
the body's spiritual energy
~ Life Force ~
~ Breath of God ~
that spiritual connection to the body
which enables us to work our life's purpose:
The Soul.

Some of the most common names in our culture for
this energy are
'chi' or 'prana' or 'lifeforce' or 'spirit'.

When we view this light energy
as Sacred,
the aura becomes a lot more interesting and fascinating,
as we come to realize our connection with the Divine.

When a Clairvoyant
(a French word translated as "Clear Seer")
looks at an aura, many things can be revealed.

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability.
The ability to see energy - to see spirit.
This innate ability lies dormant within us all,
awaiting communication and development,
and is one way to view or communicate with God.

If you would like to learn to see Auras, please come in.

What do the Colors Mean?

In spirit,
Rev. Sharon Cozzette, Founder and Owner, GOT AURA LLC

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