What is a Spiritual Counseling?


A Spiritual Counseling can sometimes be
referred to as a Psychic Reading.
We are "Spiritual Beings" experiencing ourselves
on this planet through our "Physical Bodies".

What does that mean? How do we know?

Divine presence is of the Spirit. A
Spiritual Counseling is an acknowledgment
of that spiritual force within us. Sitting across
from a trained reader with their eyes closed and you with your eyes open, you are silently
revealing who you really are and
what youve been up to this (and past)
lifetimes by way of the information in your aura. This is done by
reading colors, images, symbols, and
mental image pictures perceived around you.

A "Full Chart Reading" looks at:

You, the spirit, in relationship to God
as you perceive God; a few past lives;
your agreements to have children this lifetime; a peek
at self-communication (personality-to-spirit);
a look at your chakras and your own
spiritual (psychic) abilities; and a full
7-layer aura reading. When requested, your male
or female energy will also be read.
At the end, you may either have a few
people or questions looked at for
clarity or you may conclude with a
"Spiritual Healing". Due to 'free will',
insight is provided, not advice.

A ' Reading' is not an '
Aura Photo'
and does not involve machines or touching.
It only involves sitting across from each other, relaxed.

Your 2-Hour Reading will be taped and charted
and lasts from one-and-a-half to two hours
start to finish, including breaks.

You may also choose to receive a
Professional Free-Style Reading.

If you would like to explore and awaken your
own spiritual gifts, I offer many levels
of guidance & training through Beginning Meditation
and Spiritual Healing Workshops, to complete
Immersion Clairvoyant Training Programs
as well as Graduate and Teachers' Programs.

In spirit,
Rev. Sharon Cozzette, Founder and Owner, GOT AURA LLC

19654 Parsons Ave., Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 828-0950 -

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