The Clairvoyant Training Program

The Clairvoyant Program is a 'space' in which a spiritual being explores who they really are in their physical body, by seeing themselves in others. You get stuck, get unstuck and create miracles along the way, being amused at how you create or not. You also learn to become more neutral to situations so you can utilize your energies pro-actively, rather than in resistance.

The concept of 'Spiritual Freedom' is realized by not having to give up yourself to something else, but rather to truly and graciously be who you really are in your life. Clairvoyant training offers you a space to begin to see things which you may have only believed to be 'Science Fiction' in the past. Once you become 'aware' of your surroundings (which are not generally visible to the naked eye), after coming out of shock or fear, you learn to be amused, realizing that whether you see it or not; it is there.

Clairvoyant training does not promise to make you more positive, popular, better looking or honest, but after working energy, you may feel that way and truly amaze yourself.

2016 One-Year Clairvoyant Program Brochure

Clairvoyant Class Night

Every Thursday Night, learn a new psychic tool for awareness,
protection and well-being. All of this information is waiting
to be awakened. Just like any other of your innate abilities
(speech, athletics, academics, music), your ‘spiritual’ abilities need to be explored and developed.

While discovering these parts of yourself, you become more
aware and sensitive to looking at these abilities in others.
This is when you learn to ‘read’. Some of you may already
have your ability to see spirit turned on. Some may not.
You may have other gifts and abilities that you are more
attuned to at first. This will all be explored and cultivated.

Be prepared to do things that you never thought were possible,
then find them as a regular part of your day.

Aura Reading Night or Afternoon

Have you ever done a detox? It feels GREAT when you’re done,
but sometimes ‘during’ the process it gets a little uncomfortable.
Sometimes painful, but not always, and often it is exhilerating.
Discomfort doesn't have to last long.

Clairvoyant Training is like that. There is such a great
reward at the end, but you are going to be detoxing from the
energies that you have allowed yourself to become accustomed to
accepting. You are going to learn to ‘see’, and perhaps change
your entire life. This will all be up to you.

Types of Aura Readings involved
in Training Programs

(Also known as a 'Spiritual Counseling' or 'Psychic Reading')
2-Hour Student Readings ($25)
90-Minute to 2-Hour Graduate Readings ($75)
2-Hour Graduate Female Reading ($75)
2-Hour Female Reading with Sharon ($150)
1-Hour Professional Reading with Sharon ($120)
10-Minute Fair Readings ($20)
10-Minute Fair Readings by Students ($10)
(2-Minute Aura Photo Readings, included with Photo)

Spiritual Healing Clinics

A spiritual healing is a session where you are guided
to stop giving your energy away and heal yourself while
offering a spiritual healing to someone else:

“Give a Healing; Get a Healing”

Types of Spiritual Healing Clinics involved
in Training Programs

Free 'Drop-in' Aura Healing Clinic
(Mondays 7:00 to 9:30 pm)
Female 'Drop-in' Healing Clinic (Female Healings)
(Mondays 7:30 to 9:30 pm - 1st time Free, then $10)
'Out-of-Body' Healing Clinic
(Every 4th Friday 8:00 to 9:30 pm - 1st time Free, then $20)
'Calendar of Events' for schedule changes)

Hands-on Healing Clinic
(1st Tuesdays of the Month
By Appointment (or try Drop-in): 8:30 - 9:30 pm
15 minutes - $25 dollars
Half Hour Sessions: $50

Hands-on Christforce Healing Nights
'Calendar of Events' for Special Healing Events
or call, email or come in to schedule a
3-month Spiritual Healing Package or one-time session

In spirit,
Rev. Sharon Cozzette

19654 Parsons Ave., Castro Valley, CA 94546
(510) 828-0950 -