An Aura Photo

An aura photo is an imaging of the
electromagnetic field surrounding your body


Aura Party Photos: $30 each
($360 minimum)

Host an Aura Party with Sharon
Group Minimum
12 people plus Host/Hostess
Includes a 30-minute Group Participation
Psychic Abilities Demo
Everyone receives a 3-minute mini-reading
of their Photo
Allow Three Hours
No Drugs or Alcohol, Please
Host/Hostess receives 2 complimentary photos with an 12-Person Minimum
Healing Events
Special Events
Spiritual Conventions
Family or Friends Gatherings
Business Parties
Special Rates for Large Groups
Be Creative - Design Your Own Event


An 'Aura Party' is a unique way to experience
and learn more about your own aura
or to have a group of friends
have a private photo session together.

Parties vary, based upon the group dynamic,
number in attendance, and basically
what the group creates together.

If you do not have a space to accommodate
your group, one can be arranged.

Another Party?

If you are inclined to have another party,
here are some theme suggestions ...
... or create your own reason.

Musicians and Artists
Aura shots are a unique and natural
way to express your creativity.

Your aura expresses your spiritual make-up
at a given moment. See what happens after a meditation.

Spiritual Healing Party
What does your aura look like
before and after a Spiritual Healing?

Family or Class Reunion
Who matches who?
See which family members or friends have matching auras.
(See who doesn't, too)

Female Creative Energy
See what your aura looks like before and after
running this 'miracle of life' energy.
(Females Only)

Baby or Bridal Shower - Children's Birthday Parties
See what the vibrations of 'soon-to-be' newlyweds and parents
look like ... or the vibration of children at play.

Are you matching or distinctly different from your partner?
Is there a significance?

The Office
Have an Office Aura Party for no reason at all!
(510) 828-0950 -